About Us

Our company specializes in providing live streaming services from cameras to the Internet, enabling real-time video transmission from various locations to the global network.

Our activities include the following aspects:

  • IP Camera Streaming - Our main service is the real-time broadcasting of video from IP cameras to the Internet. We provide the necessary server infrastructure and software that allow users from all over the world to transmit and receive the stream.
  • Technical Support - We provide technical support for our clients, including assistance with hardware and software configuration, troubleshooting, and regular system updates to ensure the reliability and security of our services.
  • Access Security - To ensure security and privacy, we offer the option of password-protecting the stream. Only authorized users have access to the video stream, which is particularly important for monitoring private properties or sensitive transmissions.
  • Time-Lapse Videos - We offer a service for creating time-lapse videos from recorded material. These videos can be used to observe construction progress, monitor environmental changes, or create visually appealing promotional videos.
  • Visit Statistics - We provide tools for analyzing and monitoring traffic on video streams. Our clients can receive detailed statistics on the number of viewers.
  • Stream Integration - We enable the embed of streams on the client's website.

Thanks to these services, we enable our clients to effectively monitor and broadcast video from cameras, which can be applied in many industries, from industry and logistics to entertainment and education.